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Easyreliable Solution is the fastest growing and most trusted provider of third-party support, managed services and consulting Services for Enterprises. We are located in Bangalore and work with clients on-site in India and remotely around the worldwide .We design low-cost, highly scalable Databases to meet current and future requirements and optimized Performance of Database and We also offer Health check and monitoring of Database .Our DBA Services are available for Legacy and Emerging Technologies.

Our DBA take complete responsibility of all DBA tasks and At the end of the Task ,The Client will gets a comprehensive report on actions taken and recommendations with regard to the Production Database being reviewed. . Our team are expert in Single Instance Oracle Database, Oracle RAC Database and Oracle Dataguard,ASM , MySQL PosgreSQL,MS-Acces,MS-SQL Server,MongoDB And MariaDB .The complexities of Database Administration are often an ongoing challenge for Business and Hiring and providing Training to Database Administrators (DBAs) will take time and money. Therefore ,We are Here to Save Money and Time.

With the current economic slowdown, The remote DBA services can offer better DBA management at a better price than hiring internal DBAs Inexperienced DBA’s can prove to be a costly mistake for a Company. As per statistics , Human error is the primary cause of 75% of Database outages.

Some of the services you’ll get from our team

We firmly believe that our constant improvement in providing high quality service will build long term relationships based on trust, honesty and hard work.

  • Database service desk (during business hours from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., 24/5 or 24/7) .
  • Preventive maintenance, including capacity management and performance management.
  • Patches, service packs and upgrades.
  • Get support 24*7 by our experts
  • Avoid costly upgrades, forced migrations, eventual loss of future bug fixes, and end-of-life support price increases.
  • Data refreshes (production, testing, development, acceptance).
  • Database monitoring And Backup & recovery testing.

Additional Benefit:

  • 6 Months Free Maintenance.
  • Extensive Database Check &Performance review.
  • Documentation and Suggestions for improvements.
  • Support and Maintenance with quick turnaround time..

Our Client call us for Par-Time DBA work to Full Oracle Outsourcing and Supplement existing DBA team with additional resources We are happy to customize our services based on needs.

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