PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced and widely-used open-source database systems available in the market today.
PostgreSQL on AWS AND AZURE are build for Business-Critical Enterprise workload ,offering high Availability, Reliability and Security. PostgreSQL training courses are designed to train learners in the different levels of expertise at managing the PostgreSQL platform.
We demonstrate through interactive discussion and hands-on practice the fundamentals of PostgreSQL, and how to handle the administration and performance tuning of PostgreSQL database
Our Trainer are working on PostgreSQL and related technology for more than 15 Year in MNC’s

This Training course is designed to provide candidates a strong foundation of PostgreSQL Database running on AWS and AZURE.

Purpose of this Course is to help Fresher,Any Graduate and Post Graduate

This course begins by assuming you have no experience with PostgreSQL Databases on AWS and AZURE., After completion of this course, the Candidate will able to perform L1 and L2 Task easily in Company and It will also increase your visibility among hiring managers and recruiters

Basic of PostgreSQL Database

  1. Install PostgreSQL Server
  2. Create Database
  3. Introduction to SQL Language
  4. Working with Data Types
  5. Working with Built-In-Functions
  6. Querying and Filtering Data
  7. Working with Type Conversions and Operators
  8. Working with Joins
  9. Insert ,update And Delete Data From Table
  10. Create Table And View

PostgreSQL Database Administration

  1. Architecture of PostgreSQL
  2. Logical and Physical Architecture of PostgreSQL
  3. What is PostgreSQL.conf file in PostgreSQL
  4. What is pg_hba.conf configuration file in PostgreSQL
  5. How to enable remote access to postgres server
  6. PostgreSQL Installation on Windows And Linux
  7. Introduction to Postgres Default User And user Managment
  8. Kernel Parameters for PostgreSQL
  9. How to Stop & start Postgres service
  10. Tablespace in PostgreSQL
  11. WAL in PostgreSQL
  12. Backup & restore in Postgres
  13. Introduction to PostgreSQL log
  14. Installation PgAdmin And its Usages

PostgreSQL Database on AWS

  1. Amazon Web Services Overview
  2. EC2 and VPC Overview
  3. RDS Instance Overview
  4. How to setup a Virtual machine in AWS cloud for PostgreSQL
  5. PostgreSQL Database installation on EC2 Instance
  6. Remote connection to a PostgreSQL database running on EC2 Instance
  7. Creating PostgreSQL in RDS and Managing access in RDS
  8. DB parameter groups in postgres@RDS
  9. Option group in RDS postgres@RDS

PostgreSQL Database on AZURE

  1. Azure Overview
  2. Overview of Virtual Machine, Virtual Network and NSG
  3. PostgreSQL Installation In Azure VM
  4. PostgreSQL In Azure managed instance single server
  5. enable remote access to postgres server and connect through Putty
  6. pg_stat_activity in postgresql

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