Oracle DBA Advance Course

This course is designed for Oracle Clusterware architecture and General ASM Concept, RAC database
and Basic Data guard ,After completing this course, students will be able to carry out:
Installation of Clusterware and RAC database, Grid Infrastructure pre-installation
tasks, Patching and Upgrading existing Grid Home and Dataguard installation and administration and
General Troubleshooting Concept of Clusterware and RAC database and Basic Performance Tuning

Oracle Clusterware/RAC

  1. Introduction of Clusterware and Terminology
  2. Advantage of RAC database
  3. RAC Database Configuration
  4. OCR,Voting Disk,VIP and Interconnect and GPNP Profile
  5. Oracle Clusterware and Database HOME Installation
  6. SCAN Concepts,GRD,GCS,GES, Cache Fusion
  7. Clusterware Startup sequence
  8. Load Balancing and Failover and TAF
  9. Node Eviction
  10. Basic RAC Command
  11. RAC Performance Tuning, RAC Wait Events
  12. Space Addition in ASM
  13. Clusterware/Grid and RAC Database Patching
  14. Basic Troubleshooting and log files location
  15. TFA, OSWatcher, ORACHK With Lab Session
  16. Difference Between 12c & 19c Clusterware/RAC/ASM Features.


  1. DataGuard Overview
  2. Types of Standby Databases
  3. Types of Data Guard Services
  4. DataGuard Background Processes
  5. Data Protection Mode
  6. Standby Setup Overview
  7. Role Transition: Switchover and Failover
  8. Detail Active Data Guard
  9. Basic Command for Monitoring
  10. DataGuard Broker

Oracle ASM

  1. ASM Overview
  2. Asm Disk and Disk Group and redundancy
  3. Basic Command for ASM

Database Performance Tuning

  1. Performance Tuning Overview
  2. Oracle Database Internal
  3. Oracle Memory Evaluation from 9i to 12c
  4. Oracle Database Wait Event
  5. ASH and ADDM Analysis
  6. Oracle Memory Tuning/Instance Tuning
    Understanding SQL Tuning Tools
    (Explain Plan ,Trace and TKPROF
  7. AWR Interpretation and Analysis with Real Time Scenarios

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