Oracle Performance Training

This course is designed for Database Performance Tuning Overview ,Oracle Internal flow of SQL ,DML Statement ,Introduction of Performance Tuning Tools,AWR ,ADDM and ASH Analysis ,Identify Top consuming process,Memory Tuning of Database ,Performance Health check of Database ,Explanation of some important Database Events and Trace file Analysis .After completing this course, Students will be able to carry out: Troubleshooting of all type of performance issue quickly,diagnose and solve sudden slowdown and Analysis of Top process which consume high resource and Memory and Redo log Tunning of Database and Tuning of other parameter of Database.

Important Links for Performance Tunning

Performance Tunning Course Material Perfomance Tunning Blog


  1. Oracle Database Performance Tuning Overview
  2. Oracle Database Internal
  3. Oracle Memory Evaluation from 8i to 12c
  4. Oracle Database Wait Event
  5. Oracle Performance Tuning Technique 
  6. AWR ,ASH and ADDM Analysis
  7. Oracle Memory Tuning And Instance Tuning
  8. Redo Log Tuning
  9. Index Rebuild Concept and Test Case

Advance Database Performance Tools

  1. Understanding SQL Tuning Tools
    (Explain Plan ,Trace and TKPROF)
  2. Oracle DBA Performance Tuning real time scenarios
  3. Performance Diagnostic by Oracle Enterprise Manager -OEM
  4. Various OS Commands For Identifying Bottleneck
  5. Understanding of RDA and OSWATCHER

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