Database Consultant

Per Hour/Day Commercials: Rs.500 to 1200/Rs.2000 to 4000

Large Company give attention only when they have large budgets. Small and medium size businesses pay too much for the service and attention they actually receive.
My packages include a mix of strategic consulting to meet Your needs. No matter how big or small your Database Infrastructure can be, Easyreliable Remote DBA service will manage it up to your satisfaction. You’ll be able to focus on your clients while our experts manage the database platform 24 x 7.

  • We offers 24×7 service coverage to improve availability of critical database infrastructure.
  • Our Experts work together with your team to monitor, support and improve database infrastructure.
  • With Easyreliable DBA support, you do not need to worry about staff sick days, vacations, absences and employee turnover.
  • With EasyReliable DBA you could save up to 50% costs over in-house DBA while getting higher level of services.
  • Our staff will attend to database problems immediately, resolve incidents, investigate root cause and provide an incident report to minimize recurring incidents.
  • You would get best consultancy from EasyReliable specialists who are certified professionals, with years of industry experience in cutting-edge database technologies.
  • We believe on Time Delivery and follow a code of business ethics.

For 24/7 Support, You can reach us through Email, Telephone and Online Chat

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