Computer Service Plans And Prices

Easyreliable Computer And Laptop Repair Services in Bangalore provides Doorstep and Remotely Engineer to fix the issue. Technical problems can happen at any time when you least expect it. Be prepared with an EasyReliable Computer And Laptop Repair Services.
All of Our Computer And Laptop Repair Services and Maintenance Plan include unlimited Remote Support.
We’ll connect Your Computer/Laptop to perform service remotely – whenever you need it.
No Hidden Cost or No Surprises. Upgrade or cancel Your Computer AMC Plan at Any Time.

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AMC For Personal use
Annual Plan, Prepaid
Rs 1999/year
Package starts at 2 Computers/Laptops
Annual Plan, Paid Monthly
Rs 250/Month
Package starts at 2 Computers/Laptops

Remote Support Basic
Rs 3999/Year
The package starts at 5 Computers/Laptops.
Collect/Return at your Home or Workplace.

Annual Plan, Paid Monthly
Rs 500/Month
Package starts at 5 Computers/Laptops

Remote Support Plus
Rs 6999/year
Package starts at 15 Computers/Laptops.
Collect/Return at your Home or Workplace.

Remote Support Premium
Rs 8999/year
Package starts at 20 Computers/Laptops
  • Collect/Return at your Home or Workplace
  • Fix your Computer/Laptop problems
  • Remove viruses/Optimized
  • Clean Your Computer

AMC Plans for School and Small Business
Education IT Support / Technician Service
Rs 29999/year
Package starts at 25 computers
  • Regular On-Site visits
  • Technical Consultation, including assistance with Business Projects
  • Remote Support
  • Technical Troubleshooting covering Hardware, Software,Printer and Network Systems
  • Operating System and Microsoft Office Installations
  • Procurement / Installation of Business Software
  • Assistance with the Administration of Broadband
  • Server Monitoring and System Health Checks
  • Monitoring of your Third Party Hardware Maintenance Contract Agreements
  • Peripheral Hardware Set Up and Configuration: e.g. Scanners, Printers, Digital cameras
  • Routine Maintenance of Computer systems
  • Installation and upgrade Anti-Virus Software

Computer-Laptop Rental
Laptop For Rent In Bangalore From ₹1999/Month
Package starts at 10 Laptops.
Collect/Return at your Home or Workplace.
Desktop For Rent In Bangalore From ₹799/Month
Package starts at 10 Desktop.
Collect/Return at your Home or Workplace.

General Plan

  • Total Installation Charge For MS Windows, Antivirus and MS Office : INR 1500/-
  • Total Charges for Five static Web Pages and one Dynamic Inquiry Webpage : INR 6000/- (USD 100$) Payable in Two Equal Installments
  • Quarterly Maintenance Support for Website : INR 500/-
  • Quarterly Maintenance Support/Health Check, Cleaning and Optimization/tuning for Desktop/Laptop: INR 800/-
Computer Repair Price List in Bangalore Prices
Support Hours 24*7
Onsite Visit And Inspection Charge Rs 200 -500
Damaged Hard Disk/External Storage Issue Rs 450
Slow Processing or Hangs Rs 600
Formatting Rs 700
Overheating Rs 700
Laptop Body Repair Rs 1400
Laptop Battery Replacement Rs 900
Laptop Display Replacement Rs 900
RAM Replacement Rs 900
Computer Set-up/Assembling Rs 500-1200
Display Issue(No Display/Display Damaged/ Display Flickering/Blur Display) Rs 500
Installation of Computer Hardware Component Rs 350
Laptop Keyboard Replacement Rs 950 To 1200
BIOS Setup update Rs 450 To 650
Data Backup (100GB/200GB/300G/500GB) Rs 100 To 500
OS Installation(Windows7,8,10) Rs 900/1000/1100
OS Installation(Linux) Rs 1200
Antivirus Installation-16 Year Licensed Rs 500 To 800
Virus Cleaning and Anti Virus Installation Rs 500
Setting up of Managed Workplace and Office Networking Rs 2500
MS Office Installation Rs 500
3rd Party Software Installation Rs 400
Microsoft Outlook Installation and Configuration Rs 1500
Speaker/Microphone Issues(Less Sound/Disturbance/No Sound) Rs 400
Cartridge Refilling Services Rs 300 To 700
Printer Support and Repair Rs 300 To 800
Training For Windows Installation and Outlook Configuration Rs 4000
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Note: Final price to be quoted on inspection of the device and the scope of work. Custom plans take into consideration the company’s number of Computers, Servers, How you adopt technology, user computer ability, IT budget. To customize an onsite maintenance plan for your business needs.

Please contact us ASAP. Our friendly and helpful Support Advisor will call you to discuss your requirement.

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