Oracle 12c Multitenant Architecture

This course is designed with a deep focus on those features that are the most important to upgrade skill in 12c and 19c Database.
It will be helpful for practicing Oracle professionals who have basic experience with Oracle Database.
What makes this 12c and 19c new features training particularly unique is that it is taught by a working Oracle Certified DBA with more than 12 years of full-time experience.

Oracle 12c New Features

  1. Describe the Oracle 12c multitenant architecture
  2. 12c Database New features and Advantage
  3. Creating a Multi Container Database and Pluggable Databases
  4. Common and local user and role in Multitenant environment
  5. Managing Tablespaces in CDB and PDBs
  6. Startup and stop of database in Multitenant environment
  7. Use the Resource Manager in a multitenant container
  8. Use Data Pump utility with PDBs
  9. Recovery Manager New Features
  10. Backup, Recovery, Flashback CDB and PDBs
  11. Installation and Applying on 12c Database
  12. Heat Map, Automatic Data Optimization and Online Datafile Move

12c Database on Cloud

  1. Basic Concept of Amazon, Azur and Oracle Cloud Cloud
  2. Installation of Oracle Database on Amazon ,Azur and Oracle Cloud
  3. Some important 12c Database Commands
  4. Practice Test & Interview Questions

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