Database on AWS

Database on AWS are build for business-critical,enterprise workload ,offering high availability,reliability and Security.
Oracle is also now extending support on AWS.Customers can now deploy Oracle software
and other database on AWS RDS and EC2 instance and other supported cloud environments.

This Training course is designed to provide candidates a strong foundation of Database running on AWS.

Purpose of this Course is to help Fresher,Any Graduate and Post Graduate

This course begins by assuming you have no experience with Databases on AWS., After completion of this course, the Candidate will able to perform L1 and L2 Task easily in Company and It will also increase your visibility among hiring managers and recruiters Plus, you will have a great foundation when preparing for the Cloud DBA Certification exam

Database on AWS Important Link

Oracle Database on AWS AWS tutorial
AWS tutorial

Database on AWS Course Details

  1. Cloud overview
  2. Amazon Web Services Overview
  3. EC2 Overview
  4. EC2 Instance Type Overview
  5. Oracle Database installation on EC2 Instance
  6. RDS Instance Overview
  7. RDS Instance Type

Database on AWS Course Details

  1. Oracle Database on RDS
  2. Other Database on RDS
  3. Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  4. Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
  5. Migration Tool on AWS
  6. Monitoring Tool on Amazon

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